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Typically bash works on Linux and I find it a challenge to run bash on Windows. However for Windows users, Microsoft has come up with a feature in windows called as Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This software runs a Linux system within the Windows OS. You can install it from the Windows App Store. If you would like to interact with WSL from VS Code, you can use this extension

Name: Remote – WSL
Id: ms-vscode-remote.remote-wsl
Description: Open any folder in the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and take advantage of Visual Studio Code’s full feature set.
Version: 0.66.3
Publisher: Microsoft
VS Marketplace Link:




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For the exercise we were working on in SQL JOIN, try out this query in W3School’s online DB webpage

SELECT OrderDetails.OrderID, Customers.CustomerName, SUM(Products.Price*OrderDetails.Quantity) AS OrderValue
FROM [OrderDetails]
INNER JOIN Products ON Products.ProductID=OrderDetails.ProductID
INNER JOIN Orders ON Orders.OrderID=OrderDetails.OrderID
INNER JOIN Customers ON Orders.CustomerID=Customers.CustomerID
GROUP BY OrderDetails.OrderID
ORDER BY OrderDetails.OrderID

This query will give you an idea of how SQL JOIN works. With this as reference, try to write a query that gives an output of how much revenue has each product made (grouping by ProductID, find out how much quantity has it been sold then based on its price, figure out how much revenue has each of those products made)



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