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Learning Python Programming
Learning Python Programming

I am often asked by a number of students, colleagues and friends about how they can get started with a career in software development or leverage the power of computer science in their domains (Manufacturing, Robotics, HR, Operations, etc.). Most of them want to get started with learning Python programming. So here are my thoughts... » read more

Learning Resources

This post shares some of the online resources I learn and recommend learning from Github Learning Lab CS50 Autodesk Tinkercad Postman Student Program AWS Training Architecting with Google Compute Engine AWS Educate & AWS Academy Linux Foundation MOOCs Topics What is Wireframe Internet of Things Things School Cisco Networking Academy DeisgnNews Continuing Education Center –... » read more

Getting started with ESP32 and using MQTT

This post will help you configure Arduino IDE to program an ESP32 Development board by helping you flash a 1. Blink program (using in-built LED), 2. Read Temperature and Humidity Sensor values using DHT sensors and 3. Use PubSubClient library to publish and subscribe MQTT messages

Hosting a Website using Flask

In this tutorial, we will use Flask with Python 3 on an Amazon Linux 2 EC2 instance. Terminologies In this document, the term Virtual Machine refers to the EC2 instance running on Amazon Web Services with Amazon Linux 2 operating system Terminal or Shell or Console refers to the SSH connection established with the virtual... » read more

Getting Started with Databases and SQL

This manual is to help you on getting started with Setting up a MySQL Server Configuring the Users, Databases and Privileges Working with tables using CLI Programming using Python Wrapper 1. Setting up a MySQL Server Get your Amazon Linux 2 running on a Terminal / Command Prompt / Putty and execute the following sudo... » read more

Interacting with AWS

Interacting with AWS Services 1. AWS Console 2. AWS CLI 3. AWS SDK Interacting with AWS Services AWS Console Command Line Interface (CLI) Software Development Kit (SDK) 1. AWS Console 2. AWS CLI AWS CLI is a method to monitor and control your AWS resources from Command Line. This requires installation of the AWS CLI... » read more