Learning Data Science

Data Science Learning Resources Frameworks … Algorithms … Visualisations Data Visualization with D3.js Grafana Tableau

IoT Learning resources

IoT 11 top IoT online courses to boost your career (free and paid) Microsoft’s IoT blog AWS IoT: Developing and Deploying an Internet of Things | Coursera ESP32 Tutorials MicroPython: ESP32/ESP8266 BME680 Web Server (Weather Station) Edge Intelligence IoT Central / EdgeImpulse Microsessions Factory 5.0: ML-Powered Manufacturing Workshop 3 Ways to Do AI-Assisted Labeling for... » read more

Cloud Practitioner exam learning resources

Following is some of the resources I have come across and used that will be helpful while you are preparing for your Cloud Pracitioner exam after completing the AWS re/Start program Official information– Program guide, sample questions and white papers AWS re/Start LMS (JAWS module to be specific) ACloudGuru’s premium course on AWS CP(Available for... » read more

Additional learning resources for AWS re/Start candidates

Linux & Bash Command line for beginners – FreeCodeCamp Linux Journey Linux Command line basics – Udacity Bash beginner series – Linux Handbook Understanding Linux Terminal Shell & Basic Linux Commands Bash On Windows How to Change File Permissions and Ownership in Linux Shell Scripting crash course Linux & DevOps Typically bash works on Linux... » read more

Creating a custom Alexa Skill

Guided Lab: Amazon Alexa Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing usually go hand in hand to solve a multitude of problems in Interactive Technologies. In this exercise, you will create a Custom skill for Amazon Alexa. Navigate to this link in your browser. Click the Sign In link on the top right corner of the... » read more

Learning Python Programming
Learning Python Programming

I am often asked by a number of students, colleagues and friends about how they can get started with a career in software development or leverage the power of computer science in their domains (Manufacturing, Robotics, HR, Operations, etc.). Most of them want to get started with learning Python programming. So here are my thoughts... » read more

Learning Resources

This post shares some of the online resources I learn and recommend learning from Github Learning Lab CS50 Autodesk Tinkercad Postman Student Program AWS Training Architecting with Google Compute Engine AWS Educate & AWS Academy Linux Foundation MOOCs Topics What is Wireframe Internet of Things Things School Cisco Networking Academy DeisgnNews Continuing Education Center –... » read more

Getting started with ESP32 and using MQTT

This post will help you configure Arduino IDE to program an ESP32 Development board by helping you flash a 1. Blink program (using in-built LED), 2. Read Temperature and Humidity Sensor values using DHT sensors and 3. Use PubSubClient library to publish and subscribe MQTT messages